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Technomed Unisex Weightlifting Belt and Shaper

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Quick Overview

• Increases stability for weightlifting and physical activity
• Designed for both men and women
• Lowers risk of injury
• Shapes waist and abdomen
• Offers lower back support
• Double adjustment system for optimal fit and comfort  

***Bra and Pants not included***

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Technomed Unisex Weightlifting Belt and Shaper

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The Technomed Weightlifing Belt and Shaper is ideal for use at the gym and during other fitness activities. It corrects posture and can help prevent injuries and lower back pain related to physical activity and weight lifting. The belt provides the added benefit of shaping and controlling the waist and abdomen for a sleek look. It is suitable for when loads exceed the normal level of training.  The interior boning is desgined with necessary rigidity to provide comfortable support for the lower back.  

This belt offers an inner and outer adjustment for optimal fit and comfort.  The first adjustment is manufactured with elastic Lycra fabric that ensures high durability and provies the body adequate ventilation during use.  The second adjustment features two overlapping bands of elastic mesh fabric that allows maximum coolness, broad coverage of the back that narrows down the abdominal area for greater comfort.  

Recommendations: Strengthen lower back muscles before using the Fitness Shaper/Belt as it should only be used as a stabilizer and as additional support to prevent injuries. The use of the product is especially recommended for people who require precise technical execution.

Materials: 45% Polyester, 34% Nylon, 11% Rubber, 10% Polyethylene

Care instructions: Hand was in warm water with mild detergent.  Do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not use fabric softener or bleach, do not expose to sun.  Dry with a soft, dry towel.

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WARNING: Abusing the belt may cause the stabilizing muscles of the lower back to lose thier tone and become weak, which is why we recommend strenghtening the muscle group before use.  People with back problems should not overload it by lifint heavy weights.  Consult your physical trainer before using this product.  If pain persists or increases, or if irritation or sensitityf of the skin occurs (redness, rash, inflammation) discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor.

***Bra and Pants not included***

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